Hi, I am Isaac Kilong and this is my blog. I am passionate about writing because that’s probably the best thing I could do, apart from boxing, swimming, dancing, skating and I am kidding (LOL). I believe I can write well (you are most welcome to be my critic) and for the rest of the activities, you can put me next to ZERO. Entwine Articles is the space where I pour my heart out without any restriction or hesitation. The contents you will find here is a mix of my passion, profession and interests.

You should have known by the name of my website, it’s all interwoven. I don’t want to limit myself to a specific genre; therefore you will find a lot of categories I am putting my hands into. Some may feel that I am trying to bite more than what I can chew but the truth is I like being versatile. I believe variety means extra flavour :-).

I have been writing since my high school days. I have worked in domains like internet-related services, online advertising, fashion, e-commerce, information technology, industrial, real estate, etc. I wish to be a top-notch content marketing expert/marketing strategist. According to me, the world runs on only one thing, ‘information’. And this information is driven by two factors and I am breaking it down to its broadest terms (1) the ‘words’ that we read and listen to and (2) the ‘designs or videos or anything’ that we see. Together they are called ‘content’ and although each of them can stand on its own when combined, they are a power-house.

Through this blog, I want to reach out to you guys and connect with you. This blog is sort of liberation and self-realisation for me because with every article that I write I get to share a bit of me, with you. This is not just a blog for me; it’s a bridge between you and me. If luck has it, I would like to feature you under the ‘Poems & Stories’ section because to me, ‘everyone has a story to tell and every story matters!’ I believe in Miracles and I am just waiting for a ‘Hello’ from the other end.

To get featured, all you have to do is write an email and send it to the email address provided on the ‘Contact’ page and I will get in touch with you. One last thing, as you skim through the site, I would appreciate if you could provide your valuable feedback or suggestions w.r.t. the topics covered or my style of writing.

Happy Reading!


Isaac Kilong