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Like all startups, I started building my company from scratch. I had to depend on a lot of professionals for web development, graphic designing, company registration, etc. as I don’t have any knowledge in these areas. When you are dependent on someone else, it often leads to delays and miscommunications. Of course when you are paying the individual to do the job you can put some pressure to speed up the process or to make the changes multiple times. But when it’s a help offered by your generous friends, you can’t help but follow their schedule. You have to patiently bear and try and convince them to get the job done.

My business needed a lot of graphic designing and so instead of depending on others, I decided to learn and do it myself. I believe the very meaning of ‘Entrepreneurship’ or for that matter ‘Life’ should be ‘Do it Yourself’ or ‘On Your Own’. With technology in your arsenal, you can literally learn to do anything today. But you should have patience and the willingness to learn. The best bet is Google and YouTube– you will find all your search queries here. This website is also the result of self-learning. After I bought the domain, it was sitting idle for many years because I don’t know coding. Then I learned about WordPress themes and integrated it on my blog. This is just a simple example of what you can do with the internet.

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Another lesson I learned from being an entrepreneur is, “you should never try to be a perfectionist when you are starting fresh.” When we try to be a perfectionist, we have already blocked our mind that things have to be exactly like the way we have envisioned. We have already limited and narrowed down our mindset to that particular idea. And when things don’t work out as expected, disappointment sets in pretty easily. While perfecting your business processes and strategies, you will be delaying the growth of your business.

But when you are not a perfectionist, you are open to ideas and change. To me, no product or service is ever perfect. If they are perfect, it would mean there is no room for improvement. Every day, we see great products and services undergo change to be relevant to fulfill the growing demands of its consumers. It is good to be well-prepared but it’s also absolutely okay to learn along the way. You just need the courage to take the first step with whatever resources you have at hand. You don’t need to know the A to Z of everything. The trick lies in figuring out and generating maximum output out of the limited resources that you have. Learning is a continuous process and the most important aspect of it is learning to adapt to the conditions. In this journey, I am undergoing a deep evolution and entrepreneurship has helped in harnessing my professional skills to a great extent. I am able to do stuffs which I never thought I could. Now I know more about graphic designing, website development, SEO, digital marketing, content marketing and more.

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