My Boyfriend’s Journal – Chapter 3

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Michael Confronts Lucy

The next day at college, Michael messages Lucy to meet him in private. Lucy, unsure of what to expect agrees to meet him. They meet under the coconut tree in the corner of the college compound. ‘What is it Michael?’ Lucy asks. Michael in a low yet intimidating voice to Lucy; “leave my sister alone. This is between you and me.” Lucy is taken aback at this, but she maintains her cool and gently replies, ‘what’s between you and me, Michael?’ Michael struggles to find an answer to that.  After fidgeting with a twig for some time, Michael breaks it and replies, “just stay away from my family” and he walks off. This particular incident takes her back to the dark days as she recollects how her dad left her mom after falling for another woman. And like her dad, Michael didn’t turn back once to see if she is alright.

She is devastated as those bygone memories flashes before her eyes. She turns towards the compound wall, wipes her tears and starts walking towards her class as if nothing had happened. She walks up to Michael and with a gentle smile on her face, she tells Michael, ‘Don’t worry; you won’t see me close to any of your family member again’.

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Lucy is fighting a battle within. She is in the class but her mind is elsewhere. During the lunch break, she asks for emergency leave and goes home. But instead of going home she roams around the city, visiting cafes, shopping malls, state library, vegetable market and parks.

In the park, Michael’s mom sees Lucy sitting alone and instantly recognizes her. She is busy scribbling in her diary like a professional story writer, trying to bring her characters to life. Michael’s mom has already heard a lot about Lucy from her children so she decides to approach her. However, considering Michael’s perception about Lucy, she doesn’t reveal her identity. Since she is a writer herself, it was easy to strike a conversation based on common interests (writing). “Hi, I am Martha. I can’t help but notice you being so engrossed in filling your book. Are you a writer too?” Martha greets Lucy in a friendly manner. Lucy doesn’t know she is Michael’s mom. “Hi, I am Lucy. I am an aspiring writer” Lucy replies. Martha wants to prolong the conversation a little bit so she asks another question, “Are you working on any project, currently?” “Oh, it’s just a hobby for now. After my graduation, I will definitely give it a shot” Lucy answers with a smile. During the conversation, Michael’s mom is able to infiltrate beyond Lucy’s bold and boyish character. She sees the vulnerable and caring soul behind the curtain.

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