My Boyfriend’s Journal – Chapter 2

A Little Bit of Everything!

Lucy visits her grandparents for vacation so it is a tension-free life for Michael. As Michael utilises the leisure time to make new friends, he slowly forgets about Lucy. But the next academic year is approaching and Michael is already planning how to keep himself away from Lucy.

On the first day of the new academic session, it is as if each one is trying to avoid the other person. While the rest of the class is greeting each other, they are trying their best to ignore each other. Lucy occupies the last row, while Michael is among the front rows.

However, no matter how much he tries to avoid her, circumstances seems to bring them together. It is quite unusual that they are seeing more of each other frequently than it used to – during lunch break, in the library, at the playground, in theaters, and at restaurants. Are all of these happening by chance or by choice? It is hard to tell.

Although not so obvious, Lucy’s attitude is undergoing a subtle change. An active participant in the class, she is now caught daydreaming, often. Some days she will bunk classes and no one will know her whereabouts. People close to her can sense the change but they undermine the possibility of falling in love. Lucy is outgoing and expressive so it is unlikely that she will shy away from discussing about her crush to her close associates, if there is any.

With no trouble from the other end, it is a peaceful life for Michael for the rest of the semesters. But in the final semester, as Michael and his friends are practicing songs for the Annual College Fest, he notices Alice walking along with ‘The Trouble’. Infuriated by the sight of his sister being friendly with his enemy, he walks out the jam room to examine the scene. By the time he reaches the spot Lucy had already left. “What do think you are doing? “Do you even know who she is?” Michael questions Alice in a stern voice. Alice replies, “Yes, I know her very well. She is the dance coordinator for the college fest. She is so talented yet so humble and sweet. She is not at all the way you described. She is so helpful. As it was dark, she offered to drop me on her way home.” “I am sure it’s one of her plans. Stay away from her”, Michael warns Alice. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so negative about her? She is a sweetheart, I am telling you.” Alice responds and walks home.

Michael gets disturbed at the thought of her sister acquainting with his enemy. He decides to deal with it himself. As he is thinking how to confront Lucy in private, he realizes that he had deleted her number long back. But to his luck, her number is in the mail which the college had circulated to invite students to participate in the annual fest. Michael writes a few lines but deletes them, not sure of how to start the conversation. And while he is in a dilemma, he could hear Alice speak highly of Lucy’s good nature to her mother. Brushing his fears aside, Michael messages, “Hi, this is Michael. Can we talk?” He receives an instant reply from Lucy, “Hi Michael, I am so glad you messaged. Sure, tell me what is it?” Michael is shocked to receive such a friendly reply after all that has happened between them. In a state of confusion Michael writes, ‘Uh, nothing. I will see you tomorrow’. ‘Weird!’ Lucy speaks to herself and replies, ‘Ok, so see you tomorrow then’.

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