My Boyfriend’s Journal – Chapter 4

My Boyfriend's Journal

Martha Tells Michael about Lucy

Martha is excited to break the news to Michael but she decides to wait until nightfall. That night Michael returns home late at night from his practice session. It is a perfect time to discuss the matter with him since no one else is around. Michael’s mom follows him to his bedroom. She looked a little disturbed and anxious at the same time. “You look upset. What’s the matter, mom?” Michael asks his mother. Martha replies, “I am not upset, son. Today, I met Lucy in the park. She was alone. I think she bunked the classes. I could figure out that her mind was preoccupied with something. Didn’t she come to college today?” Slightly panicked at her mother’s words, Michael replies, “She was there for the first half, but took sick leave after the lunch break. That’s what I heard.” Martha, “Hmmm…Is she seeing anyone in the college?” “How will I know? And why do you ask all these?” Michael strikes back with a hint of curiosity.

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Martha replies with a smile, “Because I could sense that Lucy is in love. Today, she was probably upset with the guy. May be there was some sort of argument between the two love birds.” A sudden rush of uneasiness fills Michael. “How will I know? I don’t even speak to her. I am wondering who that unlucky guy is” Michael mocks at the fate of Lucy’s so-called lover. Martha, “I had a brief conversation with her today. And Alice is right; Lucy is not at all the way you always complain about. Treat her well, Michael. Once you get to know her, who knows you may even like her company. She is the type of person we call a ‘lifelong friend’. ” “Mom, I am tired. Can I just sleep now?” Michael tries to ignore his mother. “All I am saying is be nice to her. Sleep well, Son.” Martha bids goodnight and closes the bedroom door.

Michael is apprehensive now. Michael is disturbed at the thought that he has hurt Lucy. He is also confused thinking if that ‘unlucky guy’ whom he was mocking at earlier is actually him. “Lucy and me in love? Not a chance” Michael validates the possibilities and sleeps off.

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