My Boyfriend’s Journal – Chapter 5

Michael Tries to Reconcile with Lucy

Michael Tries to Reconcile with Lucy

After the revelation of Lucy’s nature by Martha, Michael decides to test it out himself. That little talk with his mother has certainly intrigued Michael to know more about Lucy. Strange but true, the person who he disliked the most has been on his mind all this time.

He is in dilemma but he is determined to prove his sister and mother wrong. “The best way to know her is to get close to her” Michael speaks to himself and nods his head in approval. However the cold war between him and Lucy had just erupted into a war and he could find means to make peace with her. The saddest part is he doesn’t have anyone to go to, except his mother. At the breakfast table, he finally finds the opportunity to put the question, which would take the weight off his shoulders. “Mom, when misunderstandings arise between you and dad, how do you solve it?” Michael asks his mom who is sitting opposite to him. Martha instantly understands the intent but decides to pass the question to her husband. “Dear, why don’t you answer to that?” Martha tells her husband. “Well, I ensure that I apologize to your mom as earliest as possible. Sometimes, I buy her gifts; otherwise I take her out on a romantic date” Michael’s Dad laughs.

“What if it’s Mom’s mistake?” Michael asks with great interest. “Son, it doesn’t matter who makes the mistake. What’s important is, who is willing to swallow the pride and take the first step towards forgiveness and peace” Michael’s father replies as he hurries to leave for work. “Michael, you are on the right track. I am so proud of you” Martha whispers to Michael. Michael’s father in amazement, “Am I missing something here?” “Absolutely nothing dear, our son is growing up to be a man” Martha tells Robert, with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction.

Michael knows that in order to break the barrier, he should take the lead. Just like Lucy, Michael is direct and to the point. Putting up a brave front, he walks up to Lucy’s seat, sits right beside her and asks her to meet him at the cafeteria. “Oh no! Now what have I done?” Lucy questions herself. So, they meet at the college cafeteria. Michael is already there waiting for her. As he is waiting, he is still undecided whether he is doing the right thing or not. Lucy approaches from the front, “Did you bunk the class?” Lucy asks in astonishment. “Ummm, ya! I have never bunked a class in my entire life so I thought why not try it” Michael replies casually. “Oookaaay”, Lucy pauses for a while then takes the seat opposite to him.

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Michael in an uneasy tone, “Lucy, uuummm don’t get me wrong but I know we had a disastrous beginning. But we can still make it right, you know? I can understand why you bunked the class yesterday. I have been extremely harsh on you and I am sorry for that. I want to make it up to you. I mean…” Michael pauses and is  lost for words. Lucy is at the top of her emotions but she is not the type who will reveal. She has had her share of pains and she very well knows how to disguise them. She is relieved to know that atleast he cares but smart as she is; Lucy replies innocently “I do not understand what you are trying to say, Michael.”

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